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Ogston's favourite learning resources

Listed below are some great sites and guides for learning all things medicine and surgery.


TeachMeSurgery is a comprehensive encyclopaedia on surgery and perioperative care, presented in a visually appealing and easy-to-read format.
Created by a team of surgeons and doctors, TeachMeSurgery provides a concise and structured insight into over 400 surgical topics across a wide range of specialities, with each article individually reviewed and revised by world-leading experts.

Brainbook is the one stop shop for all things Neurosurgical. From blog posts outlining the most common neurosurgical findings and conditions, to greater aspects of neurology and critical care.

Geeky Medics.jpg

Geeky Medics is a great site for learning about all things medicine, including surgery! With lots of helpful guides, Geeky Medics is especially useful for learning OSCE stations and physical examinations.

PassMedicine is a fantastic resource and question bank, used throughout the UK by medical students sitting their final exams. A well trusted addition to any medical student's revision schedule, they also have a years 1-3 question bank as well, perfect for learning systems.

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