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Ogston Suturing Events 2020/21

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Previously known as Ogston’s Advanced Suturing Course, we decided it needed a name change to better represent the nature of the course and those that might benefit from taking part. These events will cater to beginners with no prior experience and to those with previous experience wanting to practice their skills in a supervised and social setting.

Previously, this course consisted of weekly suturing tutorials, held in the Suttie Centre over the course of four-weeks. However, this year due to COVID-19, societies have had to think outside the box. Ogston have always provided students with practical surgical skills training and this academic year will be no different.

This year we are going to kick off the course with a live introductory online presentation (over Microsoft Teams of course) from Kanisha Smyth, one of the societies’ suturing convenors. This presentation is going to be the perfect introduction into what suturing is, the equipment used, and the different techniques being taught.

Then, starting in January, Oliver (our other fantastic suturing convenor) & Kanisha will be running a series of weekly small group live online tutorial sessions (again over Teams). These sessions will allow participants to see suturing performed first-hand, practise with watchful eyes and ask any burning questions they might have, oh and most importantly enjoy the process!

In order to facilitate your independent learning and to minimise the upfront cost of taking part in skills training, Ogston are in the process of sourcing affordable and high quality suture kit for those students interested in taking part in our events. Stay tuned for information on cost and discount to Ogston Members! It occurred to us that whilst live events are always useful, as with any skill, independent practice is essential. To that end, in order to support and promote independent learning, Ogston have also produced a comprehensive series of tutorial videos, that are accessible to members from the official Ogston website and are available now.

These tutorials cover a range of different skills including: two different hand tying techniques and instrument tying for surgical and square reef knots; simple interrupted and simple continuous; horizontal and vertical mattress; and running subcuticular suturing with the world famous Aberdeen knot!

So whether you’re a budding surgeon, or an aspiring Medic wanting to gain practical skills, we hope you’re as excited as we are to learn some suturing skills in true 2020 style.

Kanisha Smyth & Oliver Deacon

Ogston Practical Skills Convenors

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